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Rick Knoblaugh and Vic DeMartini's paths happened to cross at a gig few years back, and there was immediate chemistry when their seasoned styles came together.  This spawned an ongoing collaboration.  ​
                 Vic DeMartini's Bio

Studied with Mick Goodrick, Gary Burton and Pat Metheny, and is an alumnus of Boston's Berklee College of Music.  He has worked with Madeline Eastman, Keith Jones, Peter Barshay, Al Plank, Little Anthony, Don Haas, Larry Dunlap, William Kennedy, Hal Stein, Michael O'Neill and Bobby Rosengarten, among others.

As befits his tutelage under Metheny and Goodrick, his sound is from the school of electric archtop players of the sixties and seventies, with a more-than-passing nod to players in the lineage of Jim Hall who have endeavored to extend the harmonic palette of jazz. DeMartini himself claims that John Coltrane is his primary influence, but his clean sound, dense cluster voicings and use of quartal inversions call to mind pianists such as McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea. 


                 Rick Knoblaugh's  Bio

Attended  Boston's Berklee College of Music and also studied jazz improvisation under David Baker at Indiana University. His musical training started in his hometown of Cincinnati where he had the benefit of lessons with Benny Goodman's guitarist and Concord Jazz recording artist, Cal Collins.

Rick taught at the Cincinnati Arts Consortium, played at local jazz clubs, and was featured on the local jazz radio station, WNOP.

His chief musical influences include Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, and Wes Montgomery.

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